Sunday, March 1, 2009

They're Back

I seem to have angered the plumbing gods. The plumber was here on Wednesday fixing the leak in the road. He was here on Friday fixing the leak in my powder room faucet and a clogged sink in the bathroom upstairs. Today he was back. (Yes, on a Sunday!)
I went downstairs to get the shade that Ammy painted yesterday and found water everywhere...including on top of the painted shade. It turns out that the seal on the toilet is no longer working and water was pouring out from the bottom of the toilet. We got all of the water cleaned up and then Tony went to take a shower. Water started pouring out again! Apparently, we had a clog in the line leading out to the septic tank and all of the water exiting the house was coming back in via the basement toilet. Can I tell you how happy that makes me?
After several hours, the clog was cleared. They are coming back tomorrow to replace the toilet (It's so old that it actually has parts made out of china) That is, if the snow storm that is coming doesn't postpone their trip. Ammy will have to repaint the shade for her room. Thankfully, we have a picture of what she had started doing yesterday!

1 comment:

M said...

Oh the shade looked beautiful! Thank goodness you got a picture so she can try again!

So sorry to hear about plumbing...when it rains it pours...but it's beyond time to stop!

The date is always stamped on the lid and tank of you can see how old your toilet is. 1954 was on the one we replaced at my mom's!

May tomorrow be a better water day at your place!

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