Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Prom Night

When you have five children, it is inevitable that at some point in time, the youngest children will be exposed to things that you would rather they not see. This past weekend, it happened in a big way. My husband loves horror movies and so do my boys. The boys were watching Prom Night (Thankfully, it is only PG-13). Ammy watched most of the movie, except when the scary parts came. Then she was hiding behind the couch or in the other room. Several hours after the movie ended, she asked me if she could use a box to make something. This was her creation.

She created a dance floor and then she used two mirrored ornaments for disco balls.
Then she added her Polly Pockets.
Then she added the suites above the dance floor. She had a monkey hidden under the pink bed and she told me he was the bad guy. She only had one male Polly Pocket and he was busy entertaining the ladies down at the dance. Plus, the monkey fit under the bed.
Prom Night featuring Ammy's Polly Pockets. Hey, at least she's creative!

1 comment:

Natalie said...

I'm just hoping none of the Polly Pockets had any body parts chopped off. I hate horror movies--I'm such a chicken!

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