Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Kind of School Project

I love when my kids have a project that requires some sort of poster or display. I have loads of scrapbooking supplies so I pull things out and let them go to town (it's taken me a LONG time to not try to help them with the projects they have to do) I do give them suggestions, but they have to implement the suggestions on their own.

The assignment today was to create a timeline of firsts from 2001-2009. The teacher used an example of the first time you lost a tooth, the first time you rode a bike, etc. Um, these are my fourth and fifth children...I have no clue when they lost their first teeth. Don't remember exactly when they started walking. Don't remember when they rolled over. So, I won't be nominated for Mother of the Year, but I do have awesome supplies!

When we went to Walgreens to get poster board, Ammy and I found these great post-it letters for their names.
I suggested that they might want to outline the letters to make them stand out. Don't think I wasn't cringing when they got close to the edges of the letters.You have to love double-sided squares except for all of the little blue pieces of trash that are left behind.
She is her mother's daughter. I have never been one to work on a project at a desk. I'd much rather lay on the floor.
Please, please, please don't make a mistake while you are writing in black sharpie.
Kellen's finished project.
Ammy's finished project.
Showing Dad and finally being able to eat dessert since all of their homework is done.
Hard to believe these are the same two children 7 years ago!

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