Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Poor Cousins

Poor Hannah and Gabrielle had to endure the Saturday morning family bike ride today! We rented a couple of extra bikes and we hit the trails. We went to the NCR trail and rode from Monkton towards Pennsylvania.
Gabrielle getting the hang of things. The trail goes through the woods and along the Gunpowder River.
It's sunny in some spots, shady in others.
A group shot by the waterfall.
The actual waterfall that all of the people above are blocking.
They all hate when I catch them riding by...Hannah
and Gabrielle.
Kellen sitting on some rocks, not that you can see them in this picture.
Tristan and Ammy hanging out. We're in big trouble when he goes away to college. He is a great big brother.
Ammy taking a break along a field of flowers.
Flowers with lots of bees...
Love these bright pink flowers.
More bee pics.

There are always strange things to see along the trail. Like this guy with a dog in his backpack.
And these gnomes in a garden along the trail.
We rode 15 miles and then we rewarded ourselves with these yummies...

fried pickles

fried green beans
and a crab pretzel.
Now we're going to have to ride another 15 to burn off all of the calories we consumed.

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