Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Poor Mr. Sock Monkey

The other day I stopped at Walmart to look for birthday party goodies and came across this 7 ft. tall rocket in the pool toys isle. It was on clearance for $29. I figured I would buy it since my kids love rockets and water and I knew it would provide hours of fun -- little did I know that it would keep me entertained as well!

Basically, you assemble the rocket and pour water into a container that is attached to the rocket and to a pump. You pump the water until the pressure reaches the launch point (as indicated on the pump) Then you press the trigger.


Water blasts out of the bottom of the rocket and the rocket shoots way up in the air.


The box says it goes 100 feet in the air, but I'd be willing to bet it went higher.


After several launches, someone in the group decided we needed to see if something could fly on the rocket. In light of Mr. Sock Monkey's recent adventure, he was the obvious choice.


He took several successful rides until this last one.


Poor Mr. Sock Monkey was shot off the rocket on lift off.


It might be awhile before he gets back on the rocket.



Nate's Mom said...

This was great! You have one adventurous sock monket there. I love it! I saw those rockets too and contemplated getting one. I know the boys would have a blast (no pun intended). Maybe, I will see if they have them on clearance here. How far away did it get when you launch it? I was worried about it going over the fence and landing in the neighbor's pool, lol.

Sheri in CA

Stefunkc said...

He looks exhausted:c)

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