Monday, August 3, 2009

Reliving My Camp Counselor Days

I have spent the last two days working at Camp Sunrise, a camp for kids with cancer that is sponsored by the American Cancer Society. This year's theme is Down On The Farm and everything is farm-related. The really cool thing about this camp is that once you have been diagnosed with cancer, you can always come back. They have kids who had cancer when they were young and are now 15 and cancer free! Most camps don't allow you to come after you have been in remission for 3 years.

Anyway, the first day, I took a bunch of photos and the kids made barn picture frames. This is one of my favorite groups of boys!
My activity was housed in the dining hall. Another activity in there was apple pie making. Don't they look great? Apparently last night there was an apple pie eating contest among the counselors. Gretchen won after eating 13 pies! You Go Girl!
During rest time, I helped make caramel apples for the campers. We had to wash, dry and put a stick in all of the apples.
Then they were rolled in caramel...yum! ( however, if I never see another apple, it will be too soon!)
And the best thing is that I got to spend the day taking pictures of stinking cute kids like this one! I could just eat her up!
I spent today (and will spend tomorrow) running the t-shirt activity where the kids designed t-shirts using their pictures. I am exhausted, but am loving being with the kids--there is nothing better than seeing a child with cancer get to act like a child for a week. Their lives are filled with doctors, nurses, chemo and numerous other yucky procedures, but while they are at Camp Sunrise they get to swim, make crafts, sleep in cabins, hang around a campfire, get makeovers (for the girls), play dodge ball, dress up and go to a dance and make new friends.
It's truly a wonderful place!

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