Monday, August 10, 2009

Sneak Peek

Big plans are underway for Ammy's 8th birthday. She is having a tiki/beach party here at the house. Yesterday, we made the invitations. They are messages in a bottle. We put a couple of inches of sand, four shells and a rolled up invitation in each bottle.


Then we used a footprint punch and made nametags that we tied around each bottle.


This is the actual invitation that was rolled up inside of the bottle.

ammy's invite

Ammy had a lot of fun hand-delivering her invitations.


These sponge balls are one of the activities that we will be doing at the party. We will also be decorating flip flops that I found at the dollar store.


These are the party favors for the guests. I found towels at $5 Below and my friend embroidered them for me. She just started her own business--check her out here.


I will post more pictures after the party. I'm off to make invitations for Kellen's medieval party. If you have any ideas for party games or crafts, please let me know!

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Nate's Mom said...

That is awesome. My oldest son is going away to college in Oct. I am planning to do a beach themed party at a local park. I am buying water as party favors and allow them a free for all. We are also going to have a best hawaiian shirt contest.

Let me think about the mid-evil party. I think I have a friend who did that once. I shall inquire.

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