Thursday, September 10, 2009

Meet C.C. and Leo

We added two African dwarf frogs to our family yesterday. I am pleased to introduce...

C.C. (after NY Giants football player, C. C. Brown)


and Leo (as in DiCaprio)


Kellen and Ammy received a Frog-o-Sphere for their birthday. They saw the Frog-o-Sphere when we were on vacation this summer and have been wanting one for their room ever since. The only reason I agreed to more pets is that this is a self-contained, self-cleaning ecosystem. It comes with 2 aquatic mini frogs that live for 2-4 years, a snail, living gravel and a bamboo plant. The frogs eat twice a week and you only have to change the water twice a year. These are very low-maintenance frogs compared to the last couple of frogs that we have watched/owned. (One time we had the class frog over Christmas break and we almost cooked him by placing his aquarium on top of the radiator cover. Thankfully, we returned him alive. Then someone thought it would be a great idea to give my older kids a Frog Kit for a birthday present. This frog was the nastiest, smelliest frog ever. He actually jumped into my garbage disposal one time when I was cleaning out his bowl. Thankfully, my husband was able to get him out.

Anyway, I think we will be able to manage these two. They are pretty fun to watch and they fight like two other people I know.


Thanks Grandma and Poppa for the great gift.

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