Wednesday, September 2, 2009

This Is What Back To School Shopping Looks Like In My House

School supplies for three kids...I order the twins supplies through a Scholastic Books fundraiser that their school offers. Love it. All you do is order and pay online. Then on the first day of school all of their stuff is in a box and they just pick it up and off they go. The big kids' school does not offer such a program so we spent quite some time in Office Depot.


Uniforms. Love the sea of khaki pants and skorts. The search for the perfect skort about did me in this summer, but we finally found some that fit the way she wanted them to.


Shoes. The shoes kill me. 2 pairs of dress shoes, 3 pairs of tennis shoes and 4 pairs of cleats.


Text books. These are only books for two kids. I don't have to buy Allie's until next year when she is in high school and the twins books are on the tax payers.


We are ready, let the madness begin.


Denise said...

Awesome! I love back to school supplies! My kids love shopping for school supplies even though they know what is coming - back to school.

Anonymous said...

heehee. I love this post! Look at those piles of beautiful school supplies just waiting to be ripped into. *drools*

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